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Election Symbols of Political Parties

Election Commission has registered and given election symbols to 99 political parties. Of them only four- Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Rastriya Prajatantra Party and Nepal Sadbhavana PartyŚhave been recognized as the national parties.

Election symbols of the national political parties:

Nepali Congress Tree
RPP Plough RPP( Chand)- Plough with two oxen

List of all Political Parties Registered with the Election Commission and their Symbols:

1 Bahujan Samaj Party, Nepal Lock and Key
2 Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist) Spade (Kodalo)
3 Communist Party of Nepal (ML) Five Cornered Star
4 Communist Party of Nepal (Samyabadi) Sickle and Three Corn Cobs
5 Communist Party of Nepal (UML) Sun
6 Communist Party of Nepal (United) Sickle
7 Dalit Majdoor Kisan Party Pitcher (Gagro)
8 Hariyali Nepal Party Mango
9 Jagriti Andolan, Nepal Burning Candle Stick
10 Jana Congress Wheel on Finger
11 Janabadi Morcha Nepal Burning Oil-fed Lamp
12 Janamukti Party Nepal Ladder
13 Janta Dal (Social Democratic) A Star inside the Moon
14 Liberal Democratic Party Tap
15 Mechi-Mahakali Jana Samanwaya Dal Duck
16 National Patriotic Front Nepal Man
17 National Republican Party Airplane
18 Napal Bahujan Party Water Vessel (Karuwa)
19 Nepal Dalit Shramik Morcha Kite
20 Nepal Democratic Forum Bee
21 Nepal Democratic Socialist Party Caw
22 Nepal Gorkha Rastriya Mukti Morcha Knife (Khukuri)
23 Nepal Harit Shanti Party Electric Bulb
24 Nepal Janabadi Morcha Child
25 Nepal Janabhavana Party Lamp (Panas)
26 Nepal Janahit Party Scale (Taraju)
27 Nepal Janata Dal Umbrella
28 Nepal Janapachhiya Party None
29 Nepali Janta Dal Cart Wheel
30 Nepal National Green Party Cross Knife (Cross Khukuri)
31 Nepal Panchayat Parishad Axe
32 Nepal Party A Baby on Mother's Lap
33 Nepal Praja Parishad Hammer and Spade
34 Nepal Rastrabadi Dal Broom
35 Nepal Rastriya Ekata Party Kerosene Lamp (Laltin)
36 Nepal Rastriya Jana Party A Finger Pointing to a Star
37 Nepal Rastriya Janata Party Book
38 Nepal Rastriya Janayuva Prajatantra Party Trident
39 Nepal Rastriya Party Pinnacle
40 Nepal Sadbhavana Party Hand
41 Nepal Sadbhavana Party (R) None
42 Nepal Samajabadi Janta Dal None
43 Nepal Samabadi Party (MLM) Star above Hammer
44 Nepal Sarbodaya Samajbadi Party Spinning Wheel
45 Nepal Shanti Chhetra Parishad Clapping Hands
46 Nepal Socialist Party A Hand Holding a Wheat Ea
47 Nepal Surakchhya Party Torch
48 Nepal Workers and Peasants Party Musical Instrument (Madal)
49 Nepali Congress Tree
50 Nepal Congress (Bishweshwor) Elephant
51 Nepali Congress (BP) Bed
52 Nepali Congress (Democratic Socialist) Butterfly
53 Nepali Congress (Socialist) Pen
54 Nepali Congress (Subarna) Bicycle
55 Nepal Janta Party Two Eyes
56 Nepali Janta Party Rastriya Sambriddhibad Banana Tree
57 Nepali Rastriya Congress Lotus
58 Panchayat Prajatantra Party Cap
59 People's Progressive Party A Bird Perched on a branch of a tree
60 Pragatishil Upayogi Tatwo None
61 Prajatantra Sagarmatha Dal Mountain
62 Prajantrantrik Lok Dal Chair
63 Prajatantrik Rastriya Morcha Nepal Tiger
64 Prajatantrik Nepali Janta Party Chariot
65 Prakrirtik Satta Dal Nepal Temple
66 Radical Nepali Congress A Comb of Banana
67 Rastrabadi Janata Party Musical Instrument (Damaru)
68 Rastrabadi Party Nepal Spectacles
69 Rastrabadi Prajatantrik Parishad Nepal Party None
70 Rastrabadi Prajatantrik Samyukta Morcha Nepal Bus
71 Rastriya Jan Jagaran Party None
72 Rastriya Jana Morcha Glass
73 Rastriya Janamukti Party House
74 Rastriya Janarajya Parishad Rhododendron
75 Rastriya Janata Parisad A Couple
76 Rastriya Janata Party (H) Fish
77 Rastriya Janata Party Nepal A Pair of oxen
78 Rastriya Janatantrik Morcha Basket (Doko)
79 Rastriya Panchayat Party Sewing Machine
80 Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Chand) Man with the Plough
81 Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Thapa) Plough
82 Rastriya Prajantantrik Ekta Panchayat Party Bow
83 Rastriya Samajbadi Dal Pen and Inkpot
84 Real Nepali Congress (BP) A Pair of Flying Pigeons
85 Revolutionary Left Front Nepal Sickle and Pen
86 Samajbadi Garib Party Bucker
87 Samajbadi Party Motorcycle
88 Samyukta Janamorcha Nepal Sickle and Hammer with a Star Below
89 Samyukta Janamorcha Nepal (Baburam) Scissors
90 Samyukta Prajatantra Party Nepal Baby Corn
91 Samyukta Rastriya Janata Party Bell
92 Save the Nation Movement Radio
93 Shanti Party Nepal Hexagon
94 Saiva Sena Nepal Soldier
95 Social Democratic Party Two Leaves
96 Socialist Insaf Party Horse
97 Socialist Party, Nepal None
98 Suddha Prajatantrik Party Rose
99 Swatantra Nepal Prajatantra Party Watch
100 United People's Party Cock

Source: The Fourth Parliamentary Election, A Study of the Evolving Democratic Process in Nepal, Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS)

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