Monday, 22 July, 2024

Property Rights Movement

Asia’s Rise has become an increasingly discussed and debated topic over the past decade. The region’s fast growing economic, cultural and political influence has made it one of the pillars of the international order in this new era of globalization. The power transition gives rise to the risk of conflict between rival countries, within and beyond Asia. It also offers great opportunities for cross-cultural communication and integration. This volume addresses this important and timely topic from social and political perspectives.


It presents a diverse set of topics including theoretical consideration of conflict and communication, philosophical discussion and cross-cultural comparison. It also covers the problematic Sino-Japanese relations and relations between the two Koreas, the 2010 European Financial Crisis, the World’s Fair’s role in globalization and commercialization, and the NBA’s expansion in Asia. The book offers a distinctive contribution to our knowledge and understanding of economic, political and ideological conflicts and exchanges across border and provides in-depth examination of the impact of globalization on Asia and of Asia’s role in global politics and economy.


I believe that this creative project has demonstrated its academic significance and we will look forward to sharing its academic achievements. I hope you enjoy this volume and welcome all comments in what we hope will be a stimulating intercultural dialogue.