Wednesday, 12 June, 2024


With this reference in mind, we can also conclude that conflicts within communication are an essential part also of social quality, as a matter of adapting life and living conditions to what is appropriate – appropriateness here understood not least as the scope of the opportunities defined by and defining ‘the constitutive inter-dependency between processes of self realization and processes governing the formation of collective identities,’ which ‘is a condition for the social and its progress or decline.’ This was presented as the core of the definition of the social provided earlier.


From here we can also bring the different strands of though together. What had been earlier explored as matter of long waves is now obviously showing its character as going much beyond changes of technical issues, allowing new ways of reaching profitability. In actual fact, these changes are not only leading to new, organic compositions of capital; instead of and beyond this, we see from here the emergence of a foundation for a likely new composition of accumulation regime, mode or regulation, life regime and mode of living.


We can see this at the current stage of historical development, especially as it is also welded into the process of globalization. The spread of the capitalist mode of production and mode of life are going hand in hand with the search and partial emergence of new forms, varying in their meaning and scope – precarity as one form of the dissolution of the dominant wage–labour relationships, search for new belief systems and suggesting corporate social and environmental responsibility are examples.