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Some NGOs working in different sectors:

  • BASE Backward Society Education, a grass-root social organization, works through education, social mobilization and community development.
  • BSP Nepal Biogas Support Programme
  • CEHURDES Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies
  • CMF Centre for Micro-Finance in Nepal
  • Communicaction Corner provides technical know-how, research services, radio programme production training and media consultancy to community establishments and governmental and non-governmental organisations.
  • CVICT - Centre for Victims of Torture Nepal, working for rehabilitation of torture survivors and advocacy against torture.
  • CWIN - Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre, pioneer organization in Nepal for the rights of the child and against child labour exploitation.
  • COPPADES - Working for uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the rural poor and discriminated groups
  • Didibahini (Gender equality in Nepal), working towards equal involvement of men and women in development programmes in Nepal
  • Ecohimal, helps to improve the living conditions of the people of the himalayas
  • Educate the Children, an NGO, sponsoring community development programme
  • Education, Language And Development Training Services - an online communication skills resource for South Asian development professionals.
  • ESP Enabling State Programme, a project,supported by British government for Nepal, aiming to help Nepalese achieve pro-poor governance.
  • GAESO - Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen Organization
  • Health Net Nepal NGO that serves the Nepalese health community by providing affordable Internet service, access to health information, and technical support for several regional information-sharing initiatives.
  • Health and Education for Nepal - aims to support the people of Nepal in implementing projects to improve healthcare and education services
  • Himalayan Kingdom Foundation Trust - one of the largest nonprofit socio-cultural projects ever undertaken in Nepal
  • Himalayan Project, Denmark, Danish development aid NGO working primarily with education and culture among remote area dwellers
  • HURPEC Nepal - Human Rights and Peace Campaign Nepal 
  • INSEC Informal Sector Service Centre, a prominent Human Rights advocate organization
  • IHNURED International, active in monitoring the violations of human and environmental rights in development projects
  • IHRICON Institute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal
  • KEEP, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP)
  • KMTNC, King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation  
  • LACC Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre - LACC, an independent non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental legal resource organization.
  • LWF Nepal, working to empower the disadvantaged in Western Nepal and to assist Bhutan refugee and affected community
  • Maiti Nepal - organization working against girl trafficking and women in exploitation
  • Martin Chautari
  • NAFA Queensland - Nepal-Australia friendship association of Queensland. Assisting with sustainable development projects in Nepal. Assisting Tilganga Eye Clinic, Village Health and Education Project
  • NLA National Labour Academy (NLA)
  • NEFEJ Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists
  • NEPAN Nepal Participatory Action Network
  • NPI Nepal Press Institute
  • NGS Nepal Nepal Geological Society
  • NIUG Nepal Internet Users' Group
  • NepalNet an electronic networking project for sustainable development in Nepal 
  • Nepal School Projects - Nepal school projects welcomes everyone with an interest in development activities in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
  • Himal Association a Kathmandu Valley-based not-for- profit organisation established with the objective of informing the Nepali people of various issues, local, national and international, to help them become aware and responsible national and global citizens.
  • NPI Nepal Press Institute
  • ODC Organization Development Centres, an institution that helps organizations to develop, transform and to grow
  • Peace Corps/Nepal Youth Development Project, many American Peace Corps volunteers working with Nepali citizens in Nepal
  • SAS Sancharika Samuha, a forum of women communicators, established after the Beijing conference in April 1996, with the objective of promoting a more healthy and gender sensitive media.
  • SAP Nepal South Asia Partnership-Nepal
  • Shangrila Home provide shelter for streetkids in Kathmandu
  • SME Center Nepal owned by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) this site plans to help small business to do big business
  • Social Educational Environmental Development Services providing relief at the most basic grass roots level to some of Nepal's poorest villages.
  • SEJ-Nepal Society of Environment Journalists, Nepal
  • Tengboche Monastery Development Project aiming to protect the environment and to face the pressure from the increasing number of tourists.
  • Transparency International - Nepal (TI-N) - A civil society institution dedicated to increasing public accountability and curbing corruption in all walks of life.


  • Indian NGOs
  • The Directory of Development Organizations The Directory of Development Organizations 2001 has been prepared to facilitate international co-operation and knowledge sharing in development work, both among NGOs, research institutions, governments and private sector organizations.
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